Member Spotlight: Nitin Varma, Tennis Channel

Current Location: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Senior Producer, Tennis Channel

Why did you choose to have a career in the sports industry?
Simple. Sports has played an essential role in my development as a person throughout my life at various times and on various different levels. Combining my love of sports with my passion for storytelling and film has been an ideal fit for me to this point of my career.

How has being a South Asian impacted your career in sports?
I have always believed that the person we choose to be on the inside reflects more of who we are than our race or cultural origin. Having confidence and being positive are essential to allow yourself to grow and achieve your career goals.

What’s it like, behind the scenes, of Tennis Channel?
Behind the scenes at Tennis Channel there is always lots going on since the off season in tennis is pretty much nonexistent compared to other sports. Everyone works hard and long hours but at the same time everyone enjoys what they do.

What advice would you give to the next generation of South Asian sports industry professionals or those trying to break into the industry?
First and foremost it’s important to smile and have a positive attitude. When you are first breaking in the sports industry being a go getter and showing your passions are important. Always keep an open mind and take it upon yourself to learn new skills that will help you reach your career goals.

You can find Nitin Varma on Twitter @VarmaKarma10S
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Member Spotlight: Nitin Varma, Tennis Channel