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"I’m not kidding when I tell you that SAIS has legitimately opened up five separate doors for me…all within just a few months."

Sunny Mehta headshot
Sunny Mehta
International Marketing Strategy, NFL

"I want to be a supportive member of this community in hopes of helping someone, anyone who may be interested in sports as a vertical or the various industries within sports that I may be able to lend some insight or expertise. We are blessed to have people from different walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences in the group and I enjoy getting to learn from other member and learn their perspectives."

Dev Sethi headshot
Dev Sethi
N/A, N/A

"Frankly, I’d liked this page only because as a far far away cousin I wanted to contribute in whatever way I could and at that time little did I know that I was going to be pursuing a career in the field of sports. Now, after so many years of being a part of this group and constantly being abreast by latest articles,news about sports, I couldn’t have been happier about associating with the group. Of late, I also participated in your Mentorship Monday’s program as I would be moving to Canada by early next year. Although, my mentor Avish couldn’t proceed after the 1st session. This association and interaction left me feeling more confident, I felt like I have a family to fall back on in Canada. So really is actually an appreciation post, thank you for giving all of us this sense of community and belongingness, look forward to growing with fellow SAIS."

Chenar Kanagat headshot
Chenar Kanagat
Marketing and Partnerships, Sports Boutique