Member Spotlight: Manny Annekal

Manny Annekal will be a panelist at SAinSports’ upcoming New York event.

Manny Anekal is currently running several companies within the eSports ecosystem: The Next Level (The Business of eSports Media), Versus Sports (Consulting), VS Sports (eSports team) and Loot Ventures (eSports Investment Fund).

Manny has over a decade of experience working at the intersection of Gaming, Marketing and Brands. His first role was with the startup Massive Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft Xbox in 2006, followed by Executive roles at Electronic Arts, Zynga, Kiip and most recently with Major League Gaming.

He will also take you on in Clash Royale.

Twitter: @mannyanekal
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Neha Uberoi

Cofounder and CEO, South Asians in Sports

Member Spotlight: Manny Annekal