Member Spotlight: Rahul B. Patel

San Antonio based attorney, NBA agent and sports industry leader, Rahul B. Patel is our featured member this week. Rahul has built a reputation in San Antonio as an industry leader and pioneer. He is the Managing Partner of the country’s 5th Fastest Growing Law Firm, Patel Gaines PLLC, a licensed NBA Agent, Real Estate Developer, Professor, and Serial Entrepreneur. In 2018 Patel founded, Fundamental Sports Management (FSM), an athlete management firm in 2018 with one simple goal – to change the way NBA players are represented throughout their life – not just their playing career.

Read our interview below with Rahul on what its like to be a South Asian sports industry leader!

Current Location: San Antonio, TX
Current Occupation: CEO, Fundamental Sports Management

Why did you choose to have a career in the sports industry?
Growing up in the South Asian community, sports was always an afterthought. I was often told it was a waste of time and energy, and my focus should be on my studies. Fortunately, I did just that; however, I never let my passion for sports—specifically basketball—die. When this opportunity was discussed I knew that I wanted to do something groundbreaking, novel to our community. I hoped to be a spark for others behind me. It is possible. Anything is possible. It just takes effort and passion.

What is it like to be the CEO of a company in an industry with very few South Asians?
How has being a South Asian impacted your career? It is very different. Usually, like my previous ventures into the legal and real estate fields, I always had friends, family and resources to go through—specifically in our South Asian community. Here, I really am one of the first. However, my resources have been the foundation of what we are doing at FSM. Many of my investors are from the South Asian community and have been instrumental in our launch.

You have been an industry leader for a long time now, do you have any tips on how one can stay on top of industry trends and developments?
Read, read, read! How you get information today is much different from when I was growing up. As a high school senior in 1998, I had to get up, tune into ESPN at a certain time or get the newspaper to find out what happened, what the score was, did an injury happen, etc. Today, with the Internet and social media, information, resources, and trends are all out there, but nothing replaces self-knowledge. My advice is to always read, keep up with the current trends and stay passionate.

What advice would you give to the next generation of South Asian sports industry professionals or those trying to break into the industry?
Never let fear drive your decisions.
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Neha Uberoi

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Member Spotlight: Rahul B. Patel