SAIS Statement on Racism

South Asians in Sports is deeply saddened and outraged by the continued oppression of people of color in our society. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and condemn the systemic racism and violence that they have been subjected to.

We recognize that as a community, South Asians have also contributed to the perpetuation of prejudice against Black Americans. We urge our members to examine their own biases and actively work towards addressing anti-Blackness in their homes and communities.

As a network of over 500 sports-industry professionals, we recognize the power of athletes and leagues to effect change and promote justice. We encourage all athletes and sports organizations to use their platforms to promote critical thinking, equality, and peace.

We believe that only by coming together, acknowledging the harm that has been done, and working towards a more just and equitable future, can we truly create a society that is inclusive for all.
Neha Uberoi headshot

Neha Uberoi

Cofounder and CEO, South Asians in Sports

SAIS Statement on Racism